The NSW Opposition is pushing for mobile speed cameras to display speed limit signs to encourage motorists to slow down rather than simply slug road users with hefty fines.

The Opposition will today give notice of legislation requiring speed limit signs around mobile speed cameras – alerting motorists to the speed limit and getting them to slow down.

This would bring mobile cameras into line with existing signage for fixed speed cameras, which requires the speed limit to be posted three times near devices. 

Labor has put the proposal forward in response to the rapid expansion of the hours of operation of the mobile speed camera units across NSW and complaints about a lack of signage. 

In December 2013, the then O’Farrell Government expanded the mobile speed camera program from 900 to 7,000 hours a month. 

Those cameras join an arsenal now raking in half a billion dollars a year in speed and red light fines.

Annual revenue from mobile cameras alone now exceeds $12 million year – a tenfold increase in just 4 years.

Yet, tragically, the death toll on NSW’s roads continues to rise. To date this year 271 people have been killed on the roads, eclipsing last year’s toll of 248.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay

“This is about changing behaviour and getting motorists to slow down rather than simply fining them.”

“We need to change motorists’ behaviour before they break the law; there’s little point in slugging people with a fine after they’ve already broken the speed limit.”

“Cameras are there to stop people from speeding – not to be used as ready source of cash that does nothing to slow motorists down or save lives.”