Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been exposed over her misleading declarations on forced council mergers.

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley revealed a video in Parliament this afternoon showing how she denied the plan to force mergers– during an election campaign meeting on March 19, 2015.  In her words:  

“There will be nothing people will be forced into; it’s really a conversation councils are having.”

Mr. Foley called this yet another example of the Premier deliberately misleading residents worried about losing the right to have a say in their everyday lives. 

Her Deputy was singing from the same song sheet. The day before, John Barilaro told Bombala RSL Club:

“Let me be clear, there will be no forced amalgamations in this region...I will keep ‘Local” in Local Government.

It wasn’t long before the truth emerged – as they sacked local councils and replaced them with Government-appointed Administrators willing to do what they were told.

Mr. Foley said it was clear the Government went into the election knowing one thing – but publicly declaring the opposite. That, he said, is duplicity of the highest order – and the Government proved everyday it’s a master of it.

Quotes Attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley 

‘This Government thinks it can say whatever it wants – and is convinced it’ll never get caught. Well, now we have the video evidence, from the Premier’s own mouth.”

‘The Premier is already known for refusing to confront truth. This video makes it clear – she’s also happy to mislead.’

‘It takes a certain kind of gall to stand up at a public meeting – and make assurances you know you’ll never keep.’

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Local Government Peter Primrose MP

“The Premier misled her community and refuses to acknowledge this fact.  The community deserves an answer, and the truth.“

“This Government’s approach to Local Government continues to be a dog’s breakfast.”