Minister forgets government’s own brutal TAFE course cuts and fee hikes


Minister for Skills John Barilaro’s hypocrisy has today been exposed – this morning touting his support for continuous, on-the-job training while also supporting his Government’s unfair TAFE fee hikes and course cuts.

This morning, Minister Barilaro supported continuous training for young people in the workplace:

“They believe that they need a number of skills to look at promotion and those skills range from on–the-job experience, learning new technology and of course gaining management skills and it just reinforces how important education and training is for Gen Y and others in the workplace to advance their careers.” – John Barilaro, 3 June 2015, 2SM

“It’s a bit rich for Minister to say people need education and training to progress in the workplace while also cutting TAFE courses, staff and increasing fees,” Shadow Minister for Skills David Harris said.

“For once I agree with John Barilaro – people do need to improve their skills to get promoted.

“The Minister is right, education and training is important not just for job seekers but also for those already in a job.

“Did Mr Barilaro forget his own government is making it more difficult for people to get that important training – with more than one thousand TAFE staff sacked, courses cut, and dramatic fee increases this year?

“Students with previous qualifications seeking further training are now subject to some of the highest fee increases, all thanks to his government’s gutting of TAFE.

“For example, a student with a prior qualification looking to enroll in a certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care will have to fork out $6,540. If the certificate III is the student’s first qualification it would cost only $1,590.

“Mr Barilaro’s government is making it more difficult for people in a job to improve their skills – pricing people out of just the type of training he agrees people need to get promoted.  

“The Liberals and Nationals have to get their act together. If education and training is so important, then reverse the TAFE fee hikes and let people get qualified.”