Thousands of Western Sydney residents are being asked to sign a petition today demanding the Government abandons a $700 million energy from waste incinerator.

Opposition leader Luke Foley launched the campaign – with door-knocking volunteers collecting signatures from families in homes near the proposed site at Eastern Creek. 

Residents fear toxic pollution from the plant – some say they’ll be forced to move because they already suffer from asthmatic conditions.

The application for the incinerator was made by Dial A Dump Chief Executive Ian Malouf – who has bragged to local media he’s confident the State Government will approve it.

The Government has defined the plant as State Significant Development – the final decision will be made by the Planning Minister.

Mr. Foley said millions of people in Western Sydney were already clear about what is going on. 

This potentially deadly plant was being put into Western Sydney – close to schools and homes - with no regard for health.

No one ever thought about putting it into Northern Sydney.

The waste incinerator is opposed by:

  • The Environmental Protection Authority on grounds of air quality and human health impact.  It is concerned the application doesn’t provide enough information about the waste used to allow a thorough and robust assessment of the potential impact.
  • NSW Health and the Western Sydney Local Health District – which also complained about the lack of detail – noting it is twice the size of similar plants overseas.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley MP

“Let’s be clear about this. This Government is apparently happy to impose this potentially deadly waste plant right among homes, schools and shops in Western Sydney – something it would never tolerate for the north shore.

‘The people of Western Sydney are used to being ignored, taxed and tolled by this Government. What they’re now getting is assaulted. I say to the Premier – abandon this waste incinerator madness now."

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Western Sydney Prue Car MP 

“The Department of Planning has received more than a thousand submissions on this – most of them opposed.  What more do they need to make a decision – and abandon this waste incinerator?’

‘It is now obvious to the people in the path of this massive plant that the Government seems to be seeking ways to make it happen – rather than take the very real health concerns of people in Western Sydney into  account.”