NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley has called on the State Government to immediately introduce Slow Down, Move Over laws – to protect emergency responders on our roads.

It follows the incident at Campbelltown Road at Leumeah last night where two police officers were seriously injured when they were crushed between two cars by a speeding driver. One has since suffered a partial leg amputation.

Volunteer firefighters have already asked the NSW Government for such a law – requiring drivers to slow down to 40 km/h when passing emergency vehicles that have slowed down or stopped

Western Australia is introducing such a law next month. South Australia and Victoria already have similar laws in place.

Mr. Foley said WA’s law requires the driver to move over or change lanes where possible and if safe to do so, with the penalty for failing to obey the new law being $300 and the loss of three demerit points.

He wants similar legislation introduced in New South Wales immediately because it should be a non-partisan issue. Saying that if the Premier doesn’t do that he’ll introduce the legislation himself in the next Parliament Sitting week.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The events of last night are distressing and sad. Our thoughts and prayers are with the two police officers and their families.’

‘We need to ensure that we put in place the best protection we can for our emergency responders when they are on our roads. SLOWMO Laws to ensure motorists  Slow Down, Move Over.’

‘Three other States have done it. This is a non-partisan issue. If Ms. Berejiklian doesn’t do it Labor will introduce the legislation itself in the next Parliamentary Sitting week.”

Quotes attributable to NSW Shadow Minister for Justice and Police Guy Zangari

"Every shift is a risk for an emergency responder.’

‘The Coalition government needs to act now to rush through legislation to ensure drivers obey the road rules, and not put innocent people at risk."