Logging in National Parks on the cards - after environment minister dodges questions in budget estimates


Logging in NSW national parks is on the cards – after Environment Minister Robyn Parker today repeatedly refused to rule out allowing logging in national parks during a budget estimates hearing.

Ms Parker was asked on numerous occasions to rule out allowing logging in the State's national parks by the Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley - but refused.

Currently, Coalition backbenchers and Shooters and Fishers Party MLCs are pushing for the opening of our national parks estate to the timber industry, in the Upper House inquiry into public land management.

"The O'Farrell Government has already allowed amateur hunters into our State's pristine national parks estate, and now the Environment Minister is refusing to rule out giving the green light to loggers as well," Mr Foley said.

"This was a simple question – any self respecting Environment Minister would refuse to allow logging in NSW national parks.

"If the Environment Minister didn’t have anything to hide, she would have ruled out logging in national parks immediately.

"Our world class national parks estate exists to protect our native flora and fauna.

"Robyn Parker famously told last year's budget estimates hearing that 'logging protects koalas'.

"Twelve months on and it is clear the Environment Minister has learnt nothing."