NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley said Blue Mountains schools and hospitals will be robbed after the Liberal government committed an obscene $2.5 billion on knocking down and rebuilding Sydney stadiums.

The out-of-touch Liberal Government’s stadium strategy will deny the area of money that could and should be spent on helping the region’s schools and hospitals.

The decision will directly affect Blue Mountains schoolchildren who face years of being taught in demountables or in classrooms with leaky roofs and broken toilets.

NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley was with the Member for Blue Mountains Trish Doyle at Springwood High School which has a school maintenance backlog is $389,213.

The stadium cash splash will also do nothing to alleviate the congestion at local hospitals where patients wait months for elective surgery.

In the Blue Mountains there are:

  • 12 demountables at schools;
  • 4  schools at 100 per cent capacity;
  • The school maintenance backlog stands at $4.06 million;
  • Nepean Hospital has the fifth longest emergency department waits in the entire state out of 75 hospitals;
  • Almost 40 per cent of patients at Nepean waited longer than four hours in emergency (39.5 per cent);
  • The median wait for non-urgent elective surgery at Nepean is 340 days;
  • As of June 30, there were 2,926 patients waiting for elective surgery at Nepean.  Those waiting for a total knee replacement face a median wait of 343 days.  A total hip replacement faces a median wait of 326 days.
  • Nepean Hospital was promised $550 million but in the latest Budget it received only $34 million – and will not be completed until at least 2023;
  • Blue Mountains District Anzac Memorial Hospital Emergency Department sees more than 16,000 patients a year, of which more than 3,000 waited more than four hours in the ED (18.4% of patients).

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

I will not allow this obscene amount of money to be spent on a couple of Sydney stadiums.

“This is money that should go to schools and hospitals; they come first and will always do so under a Labor government.

“When thousands of children in the area are being taught in demountables and thousands of people are waiting months for elective surgery it is a crime that this out of touch Government has committed to spend such a huge amount of money on a couple of stadiums.” 

Quotes attributable to Member for Blue Mountains Trish Doyle

 “The priorities of the Liberal Government are completely out of whack. How can they let our schools and hospitals continue to decline but they see fit to blow $2.5  billion knocking down and rebuilding two perfectly serviceable sports stadiums? 

“The breathtaking waste and mismanagement of public money which Premier Berejiklian is presiding over should put an end once-and-for-all to the myth of the Liberals’ fiscal responsibility. They’re robbing the public purse, plain and simple.”