Liberals hell bent on forced council amalgamations


Today the Baird Liberal Government has again proven it is hell bent on forcing Sydney councils to amalgamate – even if individual councils are financially sustainable and have residents’ support to stand alone. 

The Liberals and Nationals refused to join Labor and confirm their opposition to forced local council amalgamations in Parliament today.

The Liberals and Nationals have made it clear that they do not intend to hold back and will force even financially sustainable councils to amalgamate.

“There is little empirical evidence to support the claims of the amalgamation cheer squads that larger councils are more efficient or effective than smaller councils,” said Shadow Minister for Local Government Peter Primrose.

“Local councils play an important role, delivering essential services and fostering a sense of community right across Sydney and the state.

“Labor will support councils that wish to amalgamate voluntarily but we will not support wholesale forced amalgamations.

“There’s no doubt that some councils in NSW face issues, including financial sustainability, that must be addressed – but amalgamations are not a silver bullet.

“Further, those councils with sound finances and whose residents oppose amalgamation should by no means be forced to join with neighbouring councils.

“It’s time for the Baird Government to come clean on the true motivations for their amalgamation agenda for local councils.

“I have absolutely no confidence that the wellbeing of local communities is the driving force behind this devious plan to abolish more than half of Sydney’s local councils.”