Liberals' dedication to victims of crime in question


Serious questions have been raised about the Baird Government’s commitment to reversing its cruel retrospective cuts to compensation for victims of crime – the Government has given no sign of plans to introduce the necessary legislation. With the Parliament now on its winter break, any action is now delayed until August at the earliest. 

During the election campaign, the Baird Government promised to reverse the retrospectivity in changes to the victims of crime compensation made in 2013 – a move that could see compensation restored to some 24,000 victims.

The cost of reversing the cuts is estimated to be over $200 million. The 2015/16 budget provided $23.9 million over 3 years.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Attorney General Paul Lynch

“The Government betrayed victims of sexual assault and violent crime when it retrospectively took away compensation entitlements.”

“Having been shamed in the election campaign into promising to restore these rights, the Baird Government has betrayed victims again by failing to introduce its promised legislation.”

“The Liberals abolished compensation entitlements and are now delaying their reinstatement.”

“You have to wonder whether Mike Baird’s election promise was just empty words.”

“Victims of sexual assault have undergone horrific experiences - a trauma magnified by compensation being abolished. The Government’s failure to honour the promise to restore compensation adds to this trauma.”

“It was unjust to retrospectively abolish this compensation. It’s unfair and despicable to delay implementing their promise of removing retrospectivity.”

“For the Baird Government it’s all about money. Mike Baird is drowning in rivers of stamp duty gold, but he is still not prepared to right this wrong.”

“This is an accountant’s approach to Government. There’s not a skerrick of humanity in sight.”