Liberal powerbroker rewarded with $46,000 bonus


It has been revealed that Liberal factional heavyweight David Clarke MLC has been rewarded with one of only five high-coveted Parliamentary Committee Chair positions and a $46,000 cash bonus by Premier Barry O'Farrell.

David Clarke controls the conservative right faction of the NSW Liberal Party and new Premier Barry O'Farrell will rely on his support in the Coalition caucus room to maintain stability.

"Liberal factional heavy weight and right wing conservative David Clarke has just been given a $46,288 bonus by Premier O'Farrell," said Shadow Special Minister of State, Luke Foley.

"Mr O'Farrell knows that David Clarke will be calling the shots in the new Coalition caucus and he can't afford to have him off-side."

Mr Clarke had already been named Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, giving him a $17,698 pay bump and a $9530 parliamentary allowance.

His elevation to Parliamentary Committee Chair will enable Mr Clarke to receive another $19,060 in salary and allowances.

"That is a total of $46,288 that power broker Mr Clarke is expected to receive in additional entitlements every year.

"The Premier is trying to buy favour with the conservative right of the NSW Liberal Party by handsomely rewarding its czar David Clarke.

"Clarke controls the numbers in the Coalition party room and could make or break Premier O'Farrell's political career in the long run.

"This is an insult to the taxpayers of NSW who were told there would be an end to 'jobs for the boys' under an O'Farrell Government."