The father of a young woman who was tragically killed when her car broke down on the side of the highway is devastated that the Berejiklian Government’s decision to muzzle the Opposition today means the law cannot now be changed for a year.

Peter Frazer of SARAH Group has been campaigning for six years to have the law changed to force vehicles to slow down and move over for people first on the scene of an accident.

His daughter, Sarah, as well as NRMA tow-truck driver Geoff Clark who was called out to help, were killed on the hard shoulder of the Hume Highway by a truck driver in February 2012.

The NSW Labor Opposition was due to introduce a Private Members bill to Parliament today to force traffic to slow down and move over for first responders on our roads, including NRMA roadside assist drivers and tow truck drivers.

Currently the road rule, which comes into force next month for a year, does not include all first responders. Roads Minister Melinda Pavey confirmed today that it was not changing its mind.

Mr Frazer’s bid to have a law that would have protected his daughter and Mr Clark will now fail because of the Liberal State Government’s vindictive actions in cutting off all Opposition business in the chamber.

Shadow Roads Minister Jodi McKay was to have read an emotional statement from Mr Frazer in the Parliament saying that “it had been too long for NSW to do so little when we can protect all those who are vulnerable on our roads and highways.”

Ms McKay said she had spoken to Mr Frazer who was devastated at the news that the Government had choked off the chance of the new law to accommodate all first responders.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Government has stopped any debate on the slow down move over laws.

“Peter Frazer’s daughter died and he has been campaigning for this for years but has been denied the debate by this Government.

“Shame on the Government that its petty vindictiveness will mean that more people could lose their lives on our roads.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Roads Minister Jodi McKay

“Peter Frazer tells me he is devastated that this debate has been choked. He has been campaigning for six years for this moment and he has been robbed of the chance of a debate.

“The law is due to change in the next two weeks but this Government has ignored calls to include every first responder.  

“The law should protect everyone who is in harm’s way when there is a breakdown or an accident on the side of the road.”