Letter confirms O'Farrell will dump radioactive waste at Kemps Creek: Premier's lies to western Sydney revealed


The O'Farrell Government has turned its back on the people of western Sydney - and confirmed it will break its election promise and dump tonnes of radioactive dirt from Hunters Hill in Kemps Creek.

This is in addition to radioactive material from the former uranium smelter at Hunters Hill already being sent to the Lidcombe waste facility.

In a February 7 letter to Liverpool City Council, the O'Farrell Government confirmed:

"The material to be removed from the Hunters Hill site is predominantly clean soil interspersed with traces of low level radioactive contamination… the SITA facility at Kemps Creek is the only facility in NSW licensed to accept this class of waste."

"This letter is proof that Premier O'Farrell has lied to the residents of western Sydney and is dumping radioactive waste in Kemps Creek," Opposition Leader, John Robertson said.

"The Liverpool Council letter confirms that the soil Barry O'Farrell assured Kemps Creek residents wasn’t hazardous will actually be radioactive.

"The Premier is treating the people of Kemps Creek with contempt if he thinks it is OK to dump radioactive waste in someone’s backyard and keep it a secret.

"Barry O'Farrell clearly cannot be trusted. After campaigning against radioactive waste in Kemps Creek and then claiming he had ruled it out, the Premier has now once and for all confirmed radioactive dirt will be dumped in Kemps Creek."

Shadow Minister for the Environment, Luke Foley said the Hunters Hill radioactive waste would now be split between Kemps Creek and Lidcombe.

"We know radioactive material from Hunters Hill will be sent to Lidcombe - and this letter confirms tonnes of dirt interspersed with radioactive contaminants will also be dumped in Kemps Creek," Mr Foley said.

"If it wasn’t dangerous, why is the waste not being left in Hunters Hill?

"Barry O'Farrell wouldn’t want radioactive material or waste from a former uranium smelter dumped in his backyard and neither do the residents of Kemps Creek and Lidcombe."