The NSW Government is refusing to admit that almost 400 local full time jobs could be sent offshore – as it rushes to sell off the 150 year old land titles office.

It was stunned this afternoon by NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley producing a Government document in Parliament – outlining the draft terms and conditions of the sale, which have been secret until now.

It contains no clear commitment to keeping jobs in this State.

He demanded that the Premier do her job – ensure the jobs remain in NSW –and guarantee that to the Parliament. 

The Premier avoided making that clear commitment.

The Government is counting on getting more than a billion dollars from selling an organisation that gives every property owner in the State proof that they have clear title to their property.

The privatisation is not supported by any group outside the Liberal Party.. It is opposed by peak bodies representing thousands of lawyers, real estate agents, surveyors and unions as well as historians and individuals.

Ahead of the sale the Government has already hiked costs for businesses and individuals – and hundreds of families have been affected by Government-induced errors of information.

Privatisation will mean a degraded service – along with an increase in errors and fraud.

It will put private and sensitive data at great risk.

Quotes Attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The sell-off of land titles information is a travesty. No one wins.

“It puts every decent home and business owner in NSW at risk of error, fraud – and guaranteed higher costs.

“Britain’s Conservative Government was rocked by the full implications of privatising land titles – and confronted by the massive public opposition to it. The Tories backed off – but Ms. Berejiklian stubbornly ignores the same facts. She thinks she knows better.

“Leave our historic and profitable community assets alone Ms. Berejiklian – they’re not yours to sell off.”

Quotes Attributable to Shadow Minister for Finance Clayton Barr

We now know three things about this transaction.  The State could lose hundreds of jobs.

“The Premier is desperate for secrecy.

“And the Premier’s decision is driving up costs and putting housing affordability further out of reach.”