Labor unveils $10.7 million counter-terrorism package with specialised police training to respond the in the event of a terrorist attack


Labor Leader Luke Foley has announced today that specialised “active shooter” scenario training for frontline officers and new recruits will be the centerpiece of a $10.7 million counter-terrorism package to help protect the people of NSW in the event of a terrorist attack. 

Labor's five-point $10.7 million counter-terrorism package will include:

  1. $8.3 million to provide frontline officers dedicated counter-terrorism training focused on the "active shooter" scenario
  2. “Active shooter” training provided to all new police recruits at the NSW Police Force Academy
  3. $400,000 to purchase a purpose built mobile van for police negotiators
  4. Advocating for the Federal Government to direct the ACMA to allocate dedicated mobile broadband communications to police and emergency services
  5. $2 million to implement a new community mentoring grants program to mentor individuals at risk of radicalisation

“A Labor Government will do everything in our power to keep our people safe from the threat of terrorism,” Mr Foley said.

“The rise of ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attacks means our police are likely to be the first responders on the scene, who will be faced with a dangerous and volatile situation that requires sharp judgment if a loss of life is to be avoided.

“I want to make sure our police have the latest training in counter-terrorism so they have the skills they need to respond to a potential terrorist attack – this training will be provided to frontline officers as well as new recruits.

“We need to recognise that terrorists are adaptive – they change their methods, they change their tactics.

“We need to adapt too if we are to protect our citizens from those who believe random acts of violence are the way to achieve their twisted goals.”

Shadow Minister for Police Steve Whan added: “Our police do a remarkable job responding to some of the most horrendous acts that individuals can perpetrate on others – regrettably terrorism and especially ‘lone wolf’ attacks are another addition to what we ask them to face.

“If we are asking our police to go into harm’s way to protect our citizens, we have a duty to ensure they have everything we can give them to handle the situation - or at the very least control the situation until the specialist Operations police can arrive. 

“Labor’s counter-terrorism package is designed to provide the resources and training our frontline police need to be prepared to respond to the changing terrorist environment.”

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