Labor to implement first comprehensive animal welfare plan for NSW


A Foley Labor Government will implement the state’s first comprehensive animal welfare plan to ensure the humane treatment of domestic, farm and native animals. 

Labor’s comprehensive plan will crackdown on animal cruelty, because a civilised society not only cares for its people but also ensures animals are treated humanely. 

Under Labor’s plan, we will:

  • Crack down on cruel and exploitative treatment of dogs within the commercial dog breeding industry, including:
    • Banning puppy farms that house more than ten breeding dogs, to prevent overcrowding and maltreatment
    • Limiting the amount of litters in a breeding dog’s lifetime to five
    • Phasing out the sale of puppies from pet shops over five years
    • Ensuring humane practices for the euthanasia of animals
  • Support a Special Commission of Inquiry into the greyhound industry
  • Review compliance of animal welfare regulation led by the Minister for Environment and Minister for Primary Industries, to ensure effectiveness of animal welfare protections
  • Advocate for nationally consistent definition and standards for ‘free-range’ food labelling
  • Make CCTV mandatory in abattoirs to give the community confidence that animal cruelty is not occurring
  • Combat wildlife crime to address the trafficking, smuggling and illegal sale of Australian wildlife
  • Invest $4 million to support voluntary wildlife carers

These measures are in addition to Labor’s existing plans to protect our iconic koalas and marine life, and expand the National Parks estate.

Labor will ensure that until the greyhound industry is cleared of animal cruelty allegations and practises, it will not benefit from our commitment to reform the state’s racing taxes. 

Quotes attributable to Labor Leader Luke Foley:

“From day one I’ve said I want NSW to be the economic powerhouse of Australia, and lead the country in environmental protection and social justice. Strengthening animal welfare is key to this vision.

“A Labor Government will end cruelty and exploitation within commercial dog breeding by banning large scale puppy farms and tightening regulations for the whole industry.

“Labor will crack down on breeders rearing puppies in terrible conditions just to make a buck. 

“Recent revelations of animal cruelty in the greyhound industry highlight the urgent need to take a new, comprehensive approach to animal welfare in NSW.”   

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