Labor to get tough on public transport thugs


The NSW Opposition will push for people who threaten the safety of passengers or staff to be banned from travelling on public transport.

Under a new proposal put forward by NSW Labor, those who commit serious offences, engage in anti-social behaviour or seriously damage publicly owned transport infrastructure would be banned from public transport for periods of 48 hours or more, depending on the severity of the offence.

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Ryan Park will undertake stakeholder and community consultation on the proposal with a view to introducing a private member's bill later this year.

A similar law currently exists in South Australia, which will form the basis for discussion.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Ryan Park:

"Every commuter has the right to feel safe when they get on a train, bus, tram or ferry."

“Time and time again, safety comes up as a key concern for commuters who rely on public transport to get to and from work, or travel around their local community each day.”

“The time has come to start banning people who want to harass, assault or harm other passengers on public transport. It’s time to say enough is enough."

“The Baird Government should work with us to send a very clear message to those who want to cause trouble on our public transport network that it just won’t be tolerated.”