Labor to ensure all new public schools include child care or out-of-hours care facilities


A Foley Labor Government will ensure that every new public school built must include either childcare or before and after-school care facilities to make life easier for busy working parents.

The initiative is part of Labor’s Building the Schools of the Future policy, which provides a new approach to address the growing educational needs of the state.

Under Labor, we will invest an additional $1.3 billion to build and improve schools and TAFE. This is on top of the current budget for school and TAFE capital works – currently around $400 million a year.

Labor’s support for education is fully funded and will be delivered without privatising the electricity network.

Labor will prioritise multi-purpose education precincts in new urban developments to provide a range of children’s facilities for the local community. These facilities include long day care, occasional care, playgroup and out of school hours care.

New schools will be designed as modern, multi-purpose education precincts - making the best use of scarce land to ensure our schools are not just buildings that remained locked up between 3pm and 9am.

This new approach will ensure Primary schools and child care centres could be co-located for smooth transition for students, also allowing for parents to avoid the “double drop off”.

Labor acknowledges NSW is facing a major challenge over the next 10 years to provide our children the world-class educational facilities needed to guarantee everyone has access to a high quality education.

Labor will establish a Schools Growth Taskforce which will be made up of senior Education, Planning and non-government schools representatives.

This Taskforce will develop a 20 year schools demand map with rersidential growth projections to inform future schools planning across all educational sectors. It will make recommendations to the Greater Sydney Commission on how to provide better uniformity when it comes ot planning decision around new schools.

Labor’s strategy is an innovative, practical approach to ensure our education system adjusts to the growing student population.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley:

“New schools under Labor will not be designed like 19th century buildings locked up between 3pm and 9am.

“We will take a new approach that builds modern facilities that benefit families and the whole community outside of school hours.

“New schools must include the facilities working families need. Co-locating primary schools and child-care centres is a modern approach that will help many parents avoid the ‘double drop-off’ of childcare and school.

“It’s time to move away from the old model of building a small school and playground. Labor will take a new approach and build modern facilities that support a range of children’s services.

“Labor will build the schools of the future without privatising the electricity network.

“I want to make life easier for busy working parents.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Education Ryan Park:

“It is the responsibility of government to guarantee that everyone not only has access to an education, but that our students have access to facilities that support future-focused learning.

“Our student population will skyrocket by 2031. Under Labor, new schools will be modern, multi-purpose education precincts – a new approach to cater to the needs of working families.

Key Facts:

  • 267,000 students are expected to be enrolled in NSW schools by 2031
  • According the Infrastructure NSW we need to build 6,250 classrooms, including 5,450 classrooms in Sydney – 4,050 in Western Sydney
  • 16,000 more school places will be needed for children living in the City of Sydney local government area alone
  • The $1.3 billion in extra school and TAFE building funding is part of Labor’s $10 billion A Better Way infrastructure funding plan.