Labor to deliver the infrastructure needed to support Sydney's second airport at Badgerys Creek


A Foley Labor Government will partner with a Shorten Labor Government to ensure the roads and rail needed to support Sydney’s second airport at Badgerys Creek are built before the airport becomes operational.

Luke Foley joined Anthony Albanese and Michael Daley at Badgerys Creek to outline Labor’s plan to deliver the supporting infrastructure for a Western Sydney airport without privatising the state’s electricity network.

Labor State and Federal today announced:

  • More than $3.5 billion over the next 10 years to upgrade major and local roads around the new Badgerys Creek airport including upgrades to Bringelly Road, The Northern Road and the Elizabeth Drive Corridor. This includes $667 million from a Foley Labor Government – without privatising the electricity network;
  • Ensure that construction of the rail links from the south west rail line and the western line to the new airport is factored into the lease from the Federal Government; and
  • Community consultation including a thorough environmental assessment.

Labor’s plan will ensure the roads are built and the rail line running before operations at the airport commence. Because the lease value of the airport will be increased by the improved access which rail will bring, this should be factored into the lease price of the airport at the time of the contract between the Commonwealth and the private operator.

New rail infrastructure should integrate Badgerys Creek Airport with the existing rail network, connecting to both the Western Line and the South West Link. The rail corridors for both lines have been identified as integral to the airport’s operations by increasing the airport’s accessibility.

A link between the south west rail line and the western line will provide a loop connection that benefits western Sydney residents and businesses not just airport users.

The Federal Government has estimated that construction of the road package alone will deliver 4,000 new jobs.

Quotes attributable to Labor Leader Luke Foley:

“I was one of the first members of the NSW Parliament to publicly back Badgerys Creek as the location for a Western Sydney Airport – it’s the right project to kick-start future economic growth and prosperity in the region.

“Sydney’s second airport will be a catalyst for thousands of new smart and skilled jobs in the region.

“A NSW Labor Government will reserve an additional $389 million – on top of the $278 million already committed in the budget – to build the roads that will link the airport into the regional economy.

“Unlike Mike Baird and Tony Abbott, State and Federal Labor will ensure there’s a train line servicing the airport when it opens – not years down the track.

“We will deliver the roads network surrounding the new airport without privatising the state’s electricity network.

“The new road and rail Labor will build at Badgerys is not just about the airport. This will be infrastructure that benefits the whole community, improving transport and connections across the board.

“The rail link to Badgerys Creek is just another example of Mike Baird failing to take the fight up to his mate Tony Abbott on behalf of the people of NSW.”

Quotes attributable to Anthony Albanese:

“Tony Abbott’s support for an airport to be built in Western Sydney without a link to the rail network is absurd.

“It’s no shock that Mike hasn’t come out against his mate Tony.

“Badgerys Creek is a greenfield site, providing the perfect opportunity for State and Federal Governments to work together and build the airport and associated infrastructure properly.

“Labor Governments in Sydney and Canberra will work closely together to build the new Western Sydney Airport with both the roads and rail needed to get passengers to and from the airport.”

Quotes attributable to Michael Daley:

“Mike Baird’s risky plan to privatise the electricity network means that his promises on roads cannot be trusted – if his plan falls over he’s already told us he has no plan B.

“Labor’s plan to invest in the roads to support the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek is fully-funded.

“Unlike Mike Baird, Labor won’t blackmail voters in Western Sydney. Labor will protect the state’s electricity network in public ownership, protecting the billions of dollars in profits they make to pay for nurses, teachers and police.”