A Foley Labor Government will contribute $350,000 towards technology and equipment improvements to the historic Bondi Pavilion’s theatre so that it can stream film, music and theatrical productions from the world famous Bondi Beach.

NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley made the announcement at Bondi Pavilion with Waverley Mayor, John Wakefield; Shadow Arts Minister Walt Secord; Shadow Heritage Minister Penny Sharpe and local Waverley Councillor and Coogee Labor candidate Marjorie O’Neill

Mr Foley also expressed NSW Labor’s formal support for the Bondi Pavilion remaining in public hands and congratulated Waverley Council’s Labor-led administration on its commitment to opposing its privatisation.

The Bondi Pavilion’s theatre is used for the Sydney Comedy Festival, theatrical productions, film screenings and Sydney TED talks. It is open to professional, not-for-profit and amateur theatrical groups.

In 2016-17, hundreds of residents protested the plans by the Liberal-led local council to privatise Bondi Pavilion. The plan was overwhelmingly rejected in the September 2017 Council elections.

Mr Foley said the $350,000 was a “targeted contribution” towards the overall upgrade of the historic Bondi Pavilion.

“What we are doing will help promote Australian creative talent and present it to the world”, Mr Foley said.

Currently, the Labor-led Waverley Council is consulting the community on its plan to renovate and upgrade the historic Bondi Pavilion. The concept plans will be released in September.

The Council is preparing a $20-$25 million plan to refurbish the Pavilion building and courtyards and provide state of the art technology to the Theatre and performance space.

In the meantime, all timber window and door woodwork is being repaired and re-painted, and both downstairs and upstairs toilets will undergo basic renovation.

Built in 1929, the Bondi Pavilion is a national icon and is listed on the NSW State and Australian Heritage registers. It is visited by hundreds of thousands of local and international visitors each year.

Waverley Council has allocated the funding to refurbish and conserve the building, with NSW Labor pledged to fund the technological equipment for the theatre, which is needed to broadcast and stream content.

NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley said: “The community has spoken. They want the Bondi Pavilion to remain in public hands, and they want it to work for the community. We welcome this contribution.”

Waverley Mayor, Councillor John Wakefield said: “This is a targeted contribution, and will assist Waverley Council to improve and upgrade the Bondi Pavilion. It’s a large project, and every contribution is important.”

Shadow Arts Minister Walt Secord said: “It is important that we upgrade and support our strong independent theatre scene in NSW. Some of the most exciting productions are occurring in the smaller independent venues.”

Shadow Heritage Minister Penny Sharpe said: “The world famous Bondi Pavilion is a national treasure and we want to ensure that the community is able to enjoy its amenities, but also preserve its heritage.”

Labor candidate for Coogee Marjorie O’Neill said: “Waverley Council is working to make the Pavilion a community and cultural hub for the next century”.