Labor's plan to increase capacity on Sydney's rail network


A NSW Labor Government will invest $1 billion to expand network capacity and improve reliability on Sydney’s busiest rail lines through upgraded signalling, line separation and longer platforms. 

A Labor Government will also confirm $3.4 billion for Sydney’s second rail harbour crossing – confirming funding earmarked within the current Transport for NSW forward capital program, allowing construction to commence by 2021-22.

Labor will invest $1 billion to provide additional capacity ahead of the second harbour crossing by:

  • Upgrading the Western & Northern Line to handle longer trains and increased service frequency;
  • Upgrading signalling to support Advanced Train Control Systems, improving network safety, capacity and reliability.

Labor’s plan recognises and incorporates the advice of transport experts including Infrastructure NSW, which stated:

“Re-signalling the existing lines, combined with targeted capacity upgrades, could bring the benefits of this new technology to more customers, and more quickly, than a second harbour crossing.”

-       INSW, State Infrastructure Strategy (2012)

“Labor’s plan for rail infrastructure is modest with the right priorities to deliver immediate and long term improvements to the network,” Mr Foley said.

“Commuters can look forward to more comfortable and reliable journeys without the blackmail of having to sell the electricity network.

“Labor’s rail plan will prioritise upgrades to the existing rail network while we do the necessary work to start construction of a second harbour crossing,” said Mr Foley.

Shadow Minister for Transport Penny Sharpe said Labor’s plan will deliver real results for commuters travelling from Western Sydney.

“Labor’s plan is modest. It doesn’t rely on selling electricity assets and forcing higher power bills onto families and sacrificing reliable dividends that fund teachers, nurses and police,” said Ms Sharpe.

“Investing $1 billion upgrading signalling, separating lines, building longer platforms and delivering new trains are commuter focused solutions that need to receive priority.

“Importantly Labor can and will build the second harbour rail crossing while at the same time retaining our electricity assets in public ownership.”