Labor Opposition reveals Liberals raking in half a billion dollars in road fines


The Labor Opposition has today revealed the full extent of the Baird Liberal Government using motorists as revenue raisers – a record-breaking $553.7 million in fines raked in during the government’s four years in office. 

The NSW Government has issued 2,281,759 fine notices over the past four years with revenue growing from $101.9 million in the first year of the Liberal Government to a whopping $178.4 million in their fourth year – a total of $553.7 million over the four years.

Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay expressed concern the Baird Liberal Government was using motorist as cash-cows with a massive increase in road fines over the past four years.

“More cameras, more fines, and more money in state coffers are the Liberals’ record on road safety after four years in power,” Ms McKay said.

“The Liberals are breaking new records for road fines – all at the expense of motorists’ hip pockets. 

“Road fines have gone from $101.9 million in the first year of the Liberal Government to more than $178.4 million in their fourth year in office – that’s a massive 75 per cent increase in the amount of money the Liberals are fining motorists in just four years.

“Mike Baird has managed to raise a staggering half a billion dollars from motorists over the past four years – the result of a roll out of an extra 200 cameras and expanded mobile speed cameras which are now operating up to 7,000 hours a month.

“Road safety has to be more than just putting up a speed camera and mailing a fine to motorists weeks after the incident has occurred.

“We need to be focusing on high-visibility policing, warning notices and more speed monitoring signs to encourage motorists to change their behaviour before they put themselves and other in harm’s way.”