NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has moved to repeal gerrymandering legislation that handed businesses in the City of Sydney two votes during local elections.

The Baird Government legislation, brought in last year, applied uniquely to the City of Sydney at the weekend’s local government elections.

Despite the blatant attempt to manipulate the electoral roll, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore was re-elected for her fourth term. 

Mr Foley yesterday gave notice of a bill that will end this anti-democratic business voting arrangement.

If elected in 2019, NSW Labor commits to repealing the legislation.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“In an attempt to steal the city away from residents Mike Baird and his accomplices changed the legislation to allow businesses two votes.

“The absurd double voting provision for businesses has to go. It was an extraordinary and unprecedented rort to gerrymander the electoral roll in the city.

“The stacking of the roll by Mike Baird was an affront to democracy and he now has egg over his face. The people sorted him out democratically.

“He gave businesses two votes – what’s he going to try next? People saw his manipulation for what it was.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Local Government Minister Peter Primrose 

“It’s anti-democratic, shoddy legislation.

“Businesses in all other council areas receive one vote, so it’s difficult to understand why businesses in the City of Sydney are gifted two votes.

“Mike Baird denied democracy to half of NSW on the weekend and he tried to manipulate votes in the City of Sydney. Voters right across NSW are angry at his arrogance.”