NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley MP has come to the defence of the Chinese Australian community in the wake of yet another attack on a prominent member of its community.

Speaking in his office in the NSW Parliament today Mr Foley launched a robust attack on those who sought to smear Chinese Australians in the local media.

Footage from press conference can be found here.

Member of the Legislative Council Ernest Wong is the subject of a press article citing anonymous Australian intelligence figures alleging that he has been targeted by Chinese Government spies.

It is just the latest attack on the loyalties of Chinese Australians by unnamed sources in the Australian media which will inevitably damage the standing of the 500,000 Chinese-background Australians in the eyes of other citizens.

Mr Foley was attacked in the NSW Parliament by members of the Liberal State Government for his recent visit to Guangdong and Shenzhen where he travelled to find out more about the potential opportunities between NSW and those regions for trade and cultural exchanges. 

Mr Foley was branded a traitor by a senior Liberal government minister for his visit. Now other people have attacked Mr Wong and questioned his loyalties to Australia and NSW.

Mr Foley said these attacks must stop or they will irrevocably damage relations between China and Australia and unfairly demonise Chinese Australians in the eyes of other Australians.

 Quotes attributable to NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley

 “I say it’s time to stop. I’m not prepared to sit by while the loyalties of Chinese Australians is regularly questioned. It is contrary to our national interest.

 “Reports like this smears Chinese Australian citizens. I can’t have the loyalties of half a million Chinese Australian citizens regularly questioned by unnamed sources in the media.”

“Australia and China’s future are inextricably linked and this smear in the media isn’t the way to conduct serious national security business. It is unfair to Chinese Australians that they are tainted by these media reports.”