The NSW Labor Opposition is demanding the Attorney General to move immediately and lodge an appeal against the lenient sentencing of a child sex offender in Dubbo.

The convicted paedophile – known only as TM because of a suppression order that is in place – received a two–year suspended sentence, despite being found guilty of ten charges of child sex abuse.

He got off with a light sentence for reasons that included his high cholesterol, sleeping disorders and because his farm was hit by drought.

The Attorney General has the power to lodge against the sentencing but has yet to do so.

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley called on the Attorney General to get cracking on the appeal.

The sex predator is free to roam the community safe in the knowledge that his anonymity is protected by the suppression order – this is in spite of calls by the victims to lift it so that other victims can come forward.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“This was a manifestly inadequate sentence for hideous crimes so I want to see the Attorney General launch an immediate appeal.

“The rights of offenders should never come before the rights of victims. That is why the Attorney General needs to do the right thing by the community and launch an appeal.

“If you have raped children then the only place for you is in prison. The state has a duty to act and to act now.”