Labor commits to major redevelopment of Concord Hospital


A Foley Labor Government will invest $323 million in a major redevelopment of Concord Hospital that will offer world’s best practice cancer treatment – without privatising the State’s electricity network.

Under Labor’s plan (see attached), the funding will be reserved for:

  • A new integrated Concord Cancer Centre comprising radiology, chemotherapy, haematology, medical oncology and breast surgery;
  • A new Aged, Chronic Care and Rehabilitation precinct;
  • An expanded and refurbished emergency department;
  • Up to four new operating theatres;
  • Up to four new general wards;
  • Expanded Allied Health Services; and
  • Improved Dental Health Services. 

The Baird Government has not committed to upgrading Concord Hospital.

On a visit to Concord Hospital today, Labor Leader Luke Foley noted that Labor’s health commitments are not dependent on privatising the electricity network.

Concord Hospital is a 750 bed hospital that falls within the Sydney Local Health District. It is facing increased demand due to rapid urban development in areas such as Rhodes and Parramatta Road. In the last quarter of 2014 (October – December), 31 per cent of patients waited more than four hours for emergency treatment – making Concord one of the most overworked hospitals in Sydney.

The Sydney Local Health District expects the local population in its catchment to reach 670,000 by 2026 – with an increasing proportion over the age of 70.

Quotes attributable to Labor Leader Luke Foley:
“Labor will redevelop Concord Hospital to meet the area’s future needs and ensure it offers world’s best practice cancer treatment – without privatising the electricity network

“The community does not want electricity privatisation and the NSW Liberals and Nationals are linking the sale to health. That is blackmail.

“Privatising electricity is not a source of free money. It comes at the cost of billions in lost revenues to the state budget – money that we need to pay for nurses, paramedics, teachers and police.

“After four years of long waits for elective surgery, long waits in emergency departments, fewer beds, trolley block and overworked doctors, nurses and health professionals, the Liberals and Nationals are now discovering the crisis in health that they have created.

“Labor will not only build hospitals like Concord for the future – but keep our electricity network in public hands so we can staff them long into the future.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Health Walt Secord:
“The health needs at Concord have been neglected by the Liberals. They have failed to meet the challenges of population growth.

“We are setting aside $323 million to redevelop the hospital with a new integrated cancer centre, a more modern emergency department and expanded operating theatres and wards.

“Labor’s commitment recognises the increasing demand for cancer services at Concord Hospital. The new integrated cancer centre will bring together radiotherapy, chemotherapy, haematology, medical oncology and breast surgery. It will offer world’s best practice cancer treatment.

“With less than 10 days to the election, the Liberals and Nationals are trying to blackmail the community into supporting electricity privatisation by extravagant promises. That is simply wrong.”

Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Strathfield Jodi McKay:
“I’m so pleased that Labor has committed to such a significant upgrade of Concord Hospital. The compassionate and dedicated staff deserve this investment. This hospital is a special place that the Strathfield community has a deep attachment to – and they want it redeveloped and modernised.

“The Liberals want to drop tens of thousands of new homes in this area without a plan to upgrade our number one health facility.

“There is so much good that a $323 million investment can do. Unlike the Liberals, Labor will never make any hospital conditional on the privatisation of electricity. We are not prepared to blackmail the community and I truly believe that is the chief difference at this election.”

Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Drummoyne Jason Khoury:
“Concord Hospital and its staff and emergency department are under pressure due to the more than $3 billion slashed from the health budget by the Liberals. Nearly one-third of all patients are forced to wait more than four hours for treatment. A Labor Government will ensure the hospital finally receives the funding support it needs – without privatising electricity.”