NSW Labor has called on Premier Mike Baird to guarantee the future of Parramatta pool after it was
revealed design plans commissioned by the Liberal Government for upgrading Pirtek Stadium includes
demolishing the existing aquatic centre.

Both Parramatta Lord Mayor Paul Gerrard and Liberal MP Geoff Lee seem content to let the pool facilities
disappear without challenging the Baird Government over the current design of the stadium rebuild.

Labor is fully supportive of upgrading Pirtek Stadium to a world-class 30,000 seat stadium. However, surely
the design brief provided by the Government should have included either protecting or incorporating the
pool into the new design.

In February 2015 Mr Lee was quoted saying: “There are no talks about getting rid of the pool. Our pool is a
great pool and well established, and it would cost too much.”

Yet last week Mr Lee had changed his tune, indicating he was open to the pool being moved and he would
“push” for government support yet couldn’t confirm any funding.

The Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre underwent a $7.8 million refurbishment in 2007. The
current location of the pool is well positioned to deliver swimming and aquatic recreation to residents of
Greater Parramatta.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“This is typical of the Liberals. Announce a big flashy plan for a stadium and forget about the needs of the
local community and the swimming club.

“We all want Parramatta to have a world-class sporting stadium. It doesn’t need to come at the expense of
the pool – which was upgraded by taxpayers – only a handful of years ago.

“Mike Baird needs to step in and give a guarantee Parramatta won’t be short changed.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation Guy Zangari

“It’s not good enough that the first the community hears about the pool being demolished is through the
local paper.

“Then you have the Liberal local member telling people the pool might be rebuilt somewhere else but with no
clear idea of where or who will pay for it.”

Quotes attributable to the Member for Granville, Julia Finn

“There has been no community consultation by the government.

“Of course Parramatta should have a bigger and better stadium. If the government is smart about this they
can deliver the stadium and aquatic centre Parramatta deserves in one coordinated project.”