Labor has announced a massive jobs scheme for the State’s apprentices and trainees.

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley detailed the plan today, in his Budget Reply speech.

Labor estimates the scheme will create thousands of jobs for young people every year.

Six years into the life of this government, we have fewer young people in training.

63,000 fewer students have enrolled in TAFE after the Coalition Government cut budgets, identified campuses in regional and rural areas for sale or closure and started sacking teachers and support staff.

Another 500 were terminated this year, bringing the total to 5,700 since the Liberals and Nationals got their hands on TAFE.

Mr Foley said he has committed the next Labor Government to require 15 per cent of all jobs on NSW Government construction projects, valued over $500,000, to be allocated for:

  • Apprentices;
  • Trainees;
  • Indigenous Australians; and
  • The long term unemployed.

To ensure they have the skills, Labor will re-build one of the great institutions of our state – TAFE.  We will guarantee at least 70 per cent of Vocational Education and Training funding for TAFE.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Our aim is simple and it is achievable: to help young people gain the skills they need and create the skilled jobs for them.

“We will use the billions being spent on NSW Government infrastructure to create jobs instead. Because the need is huge. It will relieve the burden on families and help young people to get a start in life.”

Quotes attributable Shadow Minister For Skills Prue Car

“This will be extraordinarily successful.  It could create as many as 9,000 jobs for young people, over the first four years of a Labor government.

“It is guaranteed work. A trusted path towards skills that will last a lifetime. And it sets young people up to succeed.”