John Flowers Affair: Government forced to produce documents


The O'Farrell Government has been forced to produce all documents relating to Rockdale MP John Flowers in a vote of the Legislative Council today.

This is a major blow for the Liberal Party and Premier O'Farrell who have repeatedly sought to withhold crucial documents from the people of NSW.

"We are determined to get to the bottom of the Flowers Affair," said Labor's Shadow Special Minister of State, Luke Foley.

"We want to know who from the Government spoke to the State Superannuation Board prior to its April 27 meeting, what pressure was put on the Board and who came up with the sneaky midnight regulation to get an ineligible MP off the hook.

"The Liberal Party has already admitted that they knew about Mr Flowers' receipt of a breakdown pension prior to March 26. They hid the facts from the electoral authorities, and from the people of Rockdale," said Mr Foley.

The Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, promised in the House on both Wednesday and Thursday to produce all documents, yet delivered only scant documentation.

Labor was then forced to move a motion ordering the Government to produce all documents. The Opposition gained the support of the cross benchers, forcing the Government to capitulate to Labor's demand.

"All this week, Mr O'Farrell and Mr Pearce have refused to provide information on the role played by Government representatives in the Flowers Affair. What have they got to hide?" said Mr Foley.