Jobs high on Luke Foley's agenda


Originally published: Camden-Narellan Advertiser

By Jeff McGill

FORMER premier Neville Wran didn't ask the bureaucrats three decades ago if they wanted a botanic garden at Macarthur — he told them to do it.

And it's that style of crash-through tactics that Luke Foley has promised to get government jobs to Macarthur.

In his fourth day as NSW Opposition Leader, Mr Foley visited Queen Street on Friday with Labor candidate and Camden councillor Greg Warren.

He made it clear that one of his priorities, if elected premier in March, will be revitalising Campbelltown's bleak CBD and creating more local jobs.

And he said the way to do that was using the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan, as a yardstick.

"If Neville Wran had asked the Trust of the Royal Botanic Gardens nicely to extend their activities to Macarthur, they would never would have done it," Mr Foley said.

"Neville just announced it. The job of the Trust then was to work out how it should be done.

"The premier provided the leadership. He didn't offer them a choice, he just said do it.

"Now, when it comes to bringing public sector jobs to Campbelltown that's the model I will follow."

Originally published as: Jobs high on Luke Foley's agenda