NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley is calling for the investigation into the electrocution of a teenage girl and two by-standers on George Street to be reopened, following a damning report.

The independent investigation handed down a report into the June 10 incident which the investigator revealed had been obstructed because components of what led to the incident were “unable to be fully assessed”.

A major hindrance to the independent investigation was a lack of cooperation and documentation from the Berejiklian Government’s maintenance contractor, Lend Lease Tyco Joint Venture (LTJV).

The safety investigator reported significant difficulty was encountered throughout this investigation” in dealing with the Berejiklian Government’s contractor.  

The safety investigator says that he was unable to validate that the maintenance obligations” were properly conducted and “Routine reports related to audits, inspections and associated surveillance activities were not available for review.”

The report revealed that CCTV footage from a St George bank branch adjacent to the incident site was not made available to the investigation and that Safework NSW did not seek it.

Alarmingly, the investigator also found that there were “multiple issues associated with awareness, detection and protection that might have prevented this occurrence” and “a number of weaknesses (existed) within the NSW Transport Cluster”.

Mr Foley says it is unacceptable that the Berejiklian Government stood by and did not ensure that the independent investigator was given all the necessary documentation to thoroughly scrutinise the incident.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“When a teenage girl is electrocuted on our busiest street the community deserves a full and thorough investigation, not a cover-up based on the suppression of information.

“The report is compromised and incomplete because the Berejiklian Government did not require their private contractor to cooperate. It’s unacceptable for the Government to wash its hands and try to avoid responsibility by hiding behind a private contractor.

“All the maintenance audits, safety inspections and video evidence should have been provided to the independent investigator. It is appalling that they weren’t.

“The Premier should apologise to the victims and their families for the obstacles that were put in the way of this investigation.

“The investigation should be re-opened and the independent investigator provided with all the documents. If we don’t know what went wrong how can we prevent it from occurring again?”