Independent marine park audit tells Government what they didn't want to hear: O'Farrell orders further review of review


An independent marine park audit has told the O'Farrell Government what they didn’t want to hear – and confirmed the case for protecting our fragile marine environment, the NSW Labor Opposition said today.

"This audit confirms Labor's case for the protection of our fragile marine environment," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said.

"The independent audit has told the O'Farrell Government exactly what it didn’t want to hear – so they've called a further review of their own review.

"The O'Farrell Government is having more reviews than a Broadway production.

"Clearly, the Minister for Primary Industries and the Minister for Environment are unhappy their own audit has provided a ringing endorsement of the former Labor Government's policy to protect our marine environments."

The independent review audit of marine parks recommended:

(R2) The Audit Panel is of the further opinion that the current system of marine parks established in NSW be maintained and mechanisms be found for enhancing the protection of biodiversity in the identified gaps, namely within the Hawkesbury and Twofold Shelf marine bioregions.

"There is no doubt this report has failed to produce the outcome the O'Farrell Government was expecting," Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Steve Whan said.

"Before the election, the National Party ran a vigorous anti marine park campaign and the promise of this audit was one of their key promises to the marine park opponents.

"Today's report has comprehensively rejected the anti marine park campaign.

"I've consistently said that marine parks are good news for both our marine environment and recreational fishers.

"No doubt there have been some awkward moments in the offices of Minister Hodgkinson and Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner today once they realised that this report came nowhere close to backing up their pre election rhetoric."