NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley has described the Premier’s refusal to sack a Liberal cabinet minister over illegal donations – as weak leadership and a scandalous lack of integrity.

Multiculturalism Minister Ray Williams is accused of collecting thousands of dollars donated by property developers – which is illegal in NSW.

Mr. Foley said the Minister’s feet shouldn’t have touched the ground on the way out. Yet he remains in office.

‘What is he still doing here?’ ‘What more evidence does Ms. Berejiklian need?’ asked Mr. Foley.

This electoral rort is part of a continuing pattern of illegal activity by the Liberals and their addiction to illegal donation scams.

Twelve Liberal MPs have now been caught breaching electoral law in NSW – but the Liberal Party continues to think it is above the law.

It is also proof Premier Berejiklian is a follower and not a leader. She is powerless against the Liberal factional powerbrokers who will decide if the Minister stays - or walks the plank.

Ms Berejiklian recently brought him into the Cabinet – a rank outsider, there only because the Liberal factions did a deal.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

‘This is life under the Liberals in NSW.  The ICAC Commissioner gets sacked for exposing their rorts. The MPs involved in the scams stay in Ms. Berejiklian’s Cabinet.’

‘This Ray Williams bloke is like the embarrassing uncle at the Christmas party.”

“This is an inside job. This is a hit, a revenge play by a faction because their man lost out on a Cabinet position. This is a Government at war with itself.”