Hunting in National Parks shrouded in secrecy


The O'Farrell Government has issued a 'Cabinet in Confidence' edict over the rolling out of hunting in national parks, forbidding the disclosure of information on how the controversial program will proceed later this year.

Appearing today before the Legislative Council Inquiry into Public Land Management, NSW Game Council CEO Brian Doyle was unable to provide information on whether amateur hunters will be supervised when they enter the State's national parks.

Mr Boyle stated that a steering committee is currently developing the arrangements for the opening of national parks to amateur hunters, but that the O'Farrell Government has forbidden the disclosure of the proposed arrangements.

"Despite the Premier's gag order, the Shooters and Fishers Party have previously revealed shooters will be able to hunt freely in our national parks, without close supervision, under the O'Farrell Government," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said.

"The Shooters and Fishers have also revealed our national parks will remain open to other bushwalkers and campers while shooters are inside the park hunting.

"Forcing bushwalkers, campers and rangers to share our national parks with unsupervised hunters is a disaster waiting to happen.

"The Shooters Party are calling the shots here - they will decide who comes to our national parks and the circumstances in which they come."

The Shooters and Fishers on the record:

"National Parks will not be closed and there will be no close supervision by NP [National Parks] staff."

(Shooters and Fishers Party website, 5 July 2012)