Hunter to get a fairer share in Labor's infrastructure plan


NSW Labor’s fully-funded infrastructure plan will ensure that the Hunter gets a fairer share of infrastructure investment without the need to privatise the electricity network. 

Labor has confirmed that $810 million – including half the net proceeds from the sale of the Port of Newcastle – will be reserved in its regional investment fund for the Hunter.

The Hunter will also be eligible to benefit from Labor’s $3 billion fund for regional and coastal health and education; roads; and arts, culture and sports – with further announcements to be made in coming weeks.

“A NSW Labor Government will return a fairer share of money to the Hunter for regional infrastructure and we will do it without having to privatise the electricity network,” NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley said.

“Labor is making modest commitments with the right priorities using proven and reliable sources of funds.

“Mike Baird and the Liberals have short-changed the Hunter by selling the port and taking the lion’s share back to Sydney’s northern beaches. Labor will return a fair amount to fund the infrastructure needed in the Hunter.

“A Labor Government will reserve $810 million for the Hunter – including half the proceeds from the Port of Newcastle sale – with more to potentially flow to the region from Labor’s $3 billion regional and coastal infrastructure fund.”

Shadow Minister for the Hunter Sonia Hornery said: “Privatisation of the electricity network is a dud deal for the Hunter.”

“Electricity privatisation means higher electricity bills and ripping funding away from schools and hospitals when Mike Baird hands over the dividends to a private company.

“Our infrastructure plan is not a bribe for votes – it’s a smart, affordable solution to building the projects we need, while protecting the funding sources that pay for our teachers, nurses and police.”