The Berejiklian-Barilaro government has ignored the needs of Heathcote schools, letting the maintenance backlog for the electorate’s schools increase by $1 million.

Despite calls for the government to prioritise the massive statewide school maintenance backlog over Sydney stadiums, schools in Heathcote have been left behind.

While Premier Gladys Berejiklian remains steadfast in her scheme to splurge $2.7 billion to knock-down and rebuild two Sydney stadiums, regional schools are being neglected.

New figures released under Freedom of Information laws reveal that the school maintenance backlog in Heathcote has increased from $4.7 million to $5.7 million – an increase of 20 per cent.

The statewide backlog usually includes money for basic necessities like toilet and sewer repairs, carpet, painting, fixing damaged rooves, installing guttering, replacing windows and other general repairs.

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley today joined Labor’s candidate for Heathcote Maryanne Stuart outside the school with the worst maintenance backlog in the electorate, Heathcote High School, to highlight NSW Labor’s commitment to prioritise regional schools and hospitals before Sydney stadiums.

Heathcote High School has a maintenance backlog of $833,316 (see table over page), next on the list is Bangor Public School with $728,217 needed.

Mr Foley is in Heathcote listening to the community as part of his ‘Schools and Hospitals before Stadiums’ tour across NSW, one year out from the 2019 election.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Fixing up schools in Heathcote should be the Berejiklian Government’s priority – not knocking down and rebuilding two Sydney stadiums.

“The $2.7 billion stadium splurge is a scandalous waste of money. That money should go to regional schools and hospitals; they come first and will always do so under a Labor government.”

Quotes attributable to Labor’s Candidate for Heathcote Maryanne Stuart

“Heathcote teachers and students need well-maintained facilities to create the best learning environments.

“The community has a right to be angry that they are being over-looked while this government splurges $2.7 billion on Sydney stadiums.”