Greenpeace's new Rainbow Warrior welcomed to Sydney


Labor's Shadow Environment Minister Luke Foley is this evening welcoming Greenpeace's new Rainbow Warrior ship to Sydney.

Mr Foley will board the vessel, which is on a six-week tour around Australia, at Rose Bay.
Captain Peter Wilcox, who was at the helm of the original Rainbow Warrior which was bombed by French government agents in Auckland in 1985, will lead the tour.

"The first Rainbow Warrior and its two successors have been at the heart of Greenpeace campaigns for more than 30 years and I welcome them to Sydney," said Mr Foley.

"When conservative State Governments around the country are in the process of vandalising our environment, anything the Rainbow Warrior can do to help publicise environmental issues is very welcome and worthwhile.

"I welcome Environment Minister Tony Burke's recent move to toughen federal environmental laws.

"But every incremental movement in federal legislation is met by a wall of rapacious, opportunistic greed from conservative State Governments.

"The Rainbow Warrior visit is part of the campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef from Queensland's Liberal National Government which is planning to allow nine new coal mines in close proximity to the Reef.

"During its six weeks in Australia, the Rainbow Warrior will unite people who share a common goal of a cleaner and safer future.

"These include communities fighting coal over-development, farmers, fishermen and tourism operators worried about the damage being done to the Australian countryside and the Great Barrier Reef. "Greenpeace’s founders first set sail from Vancouver, Canada 42 years ago with the firm belief that a few individuals could make a huge difference.

"Their views were far from mainstream then, but it is testimony to the work of Greenpeace and likeminded organisations that environmental consciousness is now mainstream," said Mr Foley.