Government must release documents regarding ineligible MP


The NSW Opposition has moved to force the O'Farrell Government to release all documents pertaining to newly elected Rockdale MP John Flowers following revelations that he was not eligible to sit as a Member of Parliament.

Shadow Special Minister of State Luke Foley today introduced a Call for Papers motion in relation to the Flowers matter in the NSW Legislative Council.

"There is an MP sitting in Parliament today who was not permitted to sit as a Member of the House under the NSW Constitution," said Mr Foley.

"Late last week, over a month after the election took place, the O'Farrell Government passed a midnight regulation to shut down any challenge to Mr Flowers' candidacy.

"Today I asked the Minister for Finance a series of very simple questions about his involvement in the Flowers matter and he continually refused to answer.

"It has previously been revealed that the Liberal Party knew that Mr Flowers was ineligible before the election, but chose to cover it up.

"The people of Rockdale, and the people of NSW, deserve to know why Mr Flowers was given special treatment by the new Government.

"It is clear that the fix was in before the election and the people deserve answers.

"The Premier signed a contract with the people of NSW to be honest and accountable – it's time for the Premier to deliver on that commitment."