Concerned parents at Ultimo Public School have been denied access to soil contamination reports despite a Baird Government contractor telling a community meeting that the school’s temporary site contains lead.

A representative from the contractor managing the temporary relocation of Ultimo Public School sparked concern amongst parents after letting slip the ground contains lead, at a community meeting on June 9.

The community meeting was attended by representatives from the Department of Education, McLachlan Lister, Ultimo Public School P&C and members of the wider public.

Members of the P&C requested a copy of the soil reports immediately after the meeting, submitting another request via email on June 15 so they could have the reports independently analysed.

Almost a month has passed since the lead scare was first raised, with the Government no closer to providing soil reports to put parents’ minds at ease.

NSW Labor is demanding the Government provide the school community with a copy of the report to have it independently analysed. Students are scheduled to move into the site in May 2017.

The news of contaminants at the temporary site comes after the Government broke its promise to build a new school near Wattle and Fig Street in Ultimo, citing high remediation costs as the reason for ditching the project.

The Government announced earlier this year that Ultimo Public School would be temporarily relocated to Wentworth Park while the existing site is demolished and rebuilt.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Baird Government must provide parents peace of mind by providing a copy of the report to the school community.

“If this was just a moronic off the cuff comment then the Government should call it that and provide the report to the community. 

“Recklessly throwing out comments about lead in the soil and then failing to provide any clarity or closure to concerned parents is inexcusable.

“Parents have a right to see this report and demand transparency from the Government. If it was just a stupid remark then the Government should have no problem sharing the reports.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Education Jihad Dib

“The Baird Government faces a school overcrowding crisis in and around the Sydney CBD.

“If this is yet another stumbling block to building the schools needed for a growing population then the government needs to front up, be honest and have a plan to fix it.”