Government happy to let regional tourism languish


The NSW Opposition has slammed Mike Baird for failing to support regional tourism – following news that Tourism Hunter will enter a period of dormancy due to lack of State Government funds.  

Shadow Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Guy Zangari said growing uncertainty was inhibiting growth in the Hunter tourism industry.

“Once again the Baird Government has shown a distinct lack of vision for regional tourism in NSW,” Mr Zangari said.

"Tourism in the Hunter alone is worth around $1.3 billion and employs 25,000 people yet the Baird Government doesn’t see this as a priority.

“Tourism is a growing industry, but regional tourism organisations are hamstrung by a lack of investment and interest from the state government.

“Instead we have seen a Government happy to let regional tourism suffer.”

Shadow Minister for the Hunter Jodie Harrison said: “Unemployment in the Hunter region is a massive issue but the Baird Government either doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care.

“Unemployment is already at 10 per cent. Spurring growth in the tourism industry will go a long way to creating the jobs this region needs.

“The Government should be doing everything it can to promote regional tourism, but the Hunter has essentially been locked out of funding from DestinationNSW.

“This Government has shown it does not see the Hunter as a priority and that’s not good enough.”