Game Council review kept from Environment Minister – despite Parker being responsible for hunting in national parks


Environment Minister Robyn Parker was today forced to admit she has not been provided with the Dunn Review into the Game Council – despite the fact she is in charge of rolling out the amateur hunting in national parks program.

When asked in the NSW Parliament today, Ms Parker confirmed she has not been given the final report – despite the fact it has been provided to the Premier and Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hogkinson.

“How can Ms Parker design the safety regulations for the O’Farrell Government’s recreational hunting in national parks policy when the review into the hunters themselves is being kept from her?” Shadow Environment Minister Luke Foley said today.

“The Dunn report into the governance of the Game Council has already delayed the introduction of Barry O’Farrell’s dangerous hunting in national parks program.

“The Premier needs to explain why he is withholding this important information from the Minister in charge of the program’s rollout.

“How on earth can the Government justify withholding vital information about the body that will oversee hunting in national parks from the Minister responsible for implementing the dangerous program?

"I've been warning of the dangers of this program ever since Barry O’Farrell broke his promise and announced his deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party.

“I’ve released multiple versions of leaked government documents showing the very real risks to public safety, animal welfare and national parks generally.

“Legislation allowing amateur hunting in our national parks is dangerous, bad for our environment and must be reversed."