Four new MPs join NSW Labor frontbench


Opposition Leader, John Robertson has appointed four of Labor's newest members of Parliament to the shadow cabinet today, bringing fresh talent and renewed energy to Labor's frontbench line-up.

Member for Keira Ryan Park, Member for Fairfield Guy Zangari, Member for Heffron Ron Hoenig and Member of the Legislative Council Walt Secord have all been promoted into the shadow cabinet.

"I'm pleased to announce today that four of our newest and most energetic members of Parliament will join my frontbench team – helping to rebuild Labor and take the fight up to the O'Farrell Government," said Mr Robertson today.

"Ryan Park, who at age 35 is the youngest member of the Labor caucus, will take on responsibility for Roads. Ryan has demonstrated that he's a go-getter – willing to work hard and deserving of a senior portfolio.

"I have appointed Guy Zangari, Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities and Ron Hoenig will take on Energy and Ports.

"The eldest son of migrant parents, Guy is a product of multicultural Australia and I know he'll be a hard working and proud Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities.

"Ron Hoenig was Mayor of the City of Botany Bay for 30 years before joining the Labor Parliamentary team in August and brings a wealth of talent and experience to the shadow cabinet table."

Walt Secord has been appointed Shadow Minister for Water and Shadow Special Minister of State.

"My Deputy Linda Burney will assume responsibility for Family and Community Services - leading the campaign against the O'Farrell Government's $500 million in cuts to services for at risk children and families," said Mr Robertson.

"The most important job of any Government is to protect vulnerable and abused children and on that count – the O'Farrell Government is failing in its duty of care.

"Linda has always been a fierce advocate for disadvantaged communities and cares deeply about the wellbeing of our state's children. I can think of no one in Australia better suited to stand up against the O'Farrell Government's cuts in this area."

Ms Burney will also take on responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs.

Luke Foley, MLC has been appointed Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure whilst continuing to pursue Environment Minister Robyn Parker in the portfolio of Environment and Climate Change.

"Luke hit the ground running from day one in the Opposition and will now stand toe to toe with Brad Hazzard as the O'Farrell Government moves to take away planning powers from local communities," said Mr Robertson.

"The new Labor team I've announced today is fresh, energetic and will take the fight up to Barry O'Farrell.

"The only question now is – when will Barry O'Farrell clean out the deadwood on his frontbench?"