Foley welcomes unanimous Parliamentary report into use of cannabis for medical purposes


NSW Labor MP Luke Foley has today welcomed the unanimous report of a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Mr Foley - who initiated the inquiry six months ago – said the committee had unanimously recommended reform to allow legal medical use of cannabis by people with terminal illness and those who have moved from HIV infection to AIDS.

“As members of parliament we need to be guided by facts and evidence rather than slogans and hysteria – which is why I successfully moved for this Parliamentary Inquiry,” Mr Foley said.

“We should be guided by the experts - by clinicians on the medical issues and lawyers on the legal issues.”

The Committee has today concluded ‘that there is sufficiently robust scientific evidence to indicate that cannabis products can be an effective treatment for certain conditions in very specific circumstances’.

Mr Foley said as a general rule Members of the New South Wales Upper House rarely agree on issues.

“So today’s Report is extremely significant – unanimous support from members representing five different political parties, for legal reform to allow the medical use of cannabis by patients with terminal illness and AIDS,” Mr Foley said.

“When I moved for this Inquiry, my motivation was to revive this important policy debate, and for that debate to be evidence based,” Mr Foley said.

“A consensus has emerged among politicians from five parties for a compassionate approach to the use of cannabis by patients for whom cannabis could have a profoundly relieving effect.

“This discussion is now firmly back on the political agenda in New South Wales.”