NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley is demanding the Berejiklian Government suspend its new train timetable and get Sydney’s shambolic train network back under control.

The Liberals’ six-week old timetable has caused chaos and confusion this week as train commuters face lengthy delays and cancellations.

The State Government is refusing to accept its timetable is the cause of the meltdown instead shunting the blame onto drivers and the weather.

Today Mr Foley said the Premier and her Transport Minister must accept that a lack of resources – particularly drivers - is the root of the problem. He said that the new timetable should be suspended until more drivers and trains can actually deliver it.

The Labor Opposition foreshadowed the impact the timetable would have on the train network when it obtained a Transport memo warning of massive delays in the wake of a major incident.

Mr Foley also said that train passengers should get an immediate refund for Monday and Tuesday’s travel to compensate for the huge inconvenience.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Liberals have failed to adequately resource the train system.

“There are not enough drivers and thousands of commuters are forced to travel on non-air-conditioned 1970’s trains.

“The travelling public deserves much better but the Liberals’ priority is an extravagant stadium splurge.

“This Government has the wrong priorities – it can spend $2 billion on rebuilding two stadiums but can’t deliver essential public services.”