Foley pays tribute to Gandhi


NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has paid tribute to Gandhi on his first stop of his tour of India, laying a wreath at the Raj Ghat memorial in Delhi today.

Mr Foley is in India on his first international trip as NSW Labor Leader, with Daniel Mookhey MLC, the first Australian Indian member of NSW Parliament.

“It is an honour to pay tribute to the great Mahatma Gandhi here in Delhi,” Mr Foley said.

“Gandhi was a true inspiration – leading the charge for independence and freedom from British rule for the Indian people.

“Gandhi’s focus on adherents of many religions living side by side is a message relevant to our multicultural society in NSW.

“His legacy of freedom, justice and peace is still so relevant today, more than sixty years since his death.”

Mr Mookhey said: “It is a great honour to accompany Mr Foley to the Raj Ghat, paying tribute to the great Mahatma Gandhi whose presence was and still is felt across the world.”

“It is an incredibly significant gesture for Mr Foley to make his first international trip to India and the first item of his itinerary to pay tribute to the great Mahatma Gandhi.”