In State Parliament, NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley raised the issue of the Liberal-National State Government’s inadequate response to provide help to flood-affected families and businesses – in the lead up to the first anniversary of the floods that deluged the North Coast.

During Question Time in the NSW Parliament today, Mr Foley asked Premier Berejiklian about her response to a report that four per cent of residents affected by North Coast floods are still displaced from their homes.

Mr Foley asked:

What is your response to research from the University Centre for Rural Health reporting four per cent of residents affected by North Coast floods are still displaced from their homes, with the first anniversary of the North Coast floods approaching in two weeks?

The report also said that a fifth of residents were “still distressed” about the floods and there was a higher risk of mental health outcomes for those who experienced flooding of their properties than those who did not experience any flood damage.

Instead of addressing the question the Premier took the three minutes allocated for the answer to praise her own response to the emergency.

In the aftermath of the floods that swept through the region in late March 2017 the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government failed to respond in a timely way to provide assistance.

Last year Mr Foley accompanied by the Shadow Minister for the North Coast Walt Secord MLC and Federal MP for Richmond Mrs Justine Elliot visited the region twice to hear first-hand the experiences of flood-affected families and businesses, and released an 11-point bi-partisan blueprint to help the flood-affected community.

Last year, NSW Labor also devoted two days in Question Time in the NSW Parliament on the plight of North Coast residents.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley MP

“Unfortunately, the Berejiklian Government has the wrong priorities. It can spend billions on Sydney stadiums but it is unable to help those in need of accommodation and support – especially after this major natural disaster.”

“The North Coast deserves support. The community was worried that the Premier would arrive with cameras and big promises – and then nothing would happen and they would be forgotten. Almost a year later, we sadly see that this has been the case.”