Premier Gladys Berejiklian has amassed a long list of failures in her first 100 days.

Whether it is her failure to deal with housing affordability, the imposition of unaffordable tolls, the privatisation of state assets or misleading the public about cost blowouts on her vanity project, the CBD light rail, the Premier has much to answer for.

Ms Berejiklian – the state’s third Premier since the Coalition took office in 2011 and its second in under three years – leads a government commandeered by factional leaders working for the interests of a narrow elite.

It is for this reason that this Government can no longer claim to be working for the interests of the state as a whole.

In just 100 days the people of NSW have seen a long list of failures from this Government which includes (full list attached), but is not limited to:

  1. Zero progress on housing affordability, as the median house price hits $1.15m;
  2. New details emerge that indicate Ms Berejiklian misled the public about the $549 million light rail blowout when Transport Minister;
  3. Ploughs ahead with plan to re-introduce a toll on the M4;
  4. Breaks promise for Western Sydney light rail to run through Olympic Park;
  5. Secret timetable reveals plans to slash Western Sydney peak-hour services;
  6. Dumps Western Sydney from her portfolio in her first act as Premier;
  7. Wholesale rejection of her policies with massive swings against her government in North Shore, Manly and Gosford by elections;
  8. Proceeds with deeply unpopular sale of land titles registry, and fails to get true value;
  9. Spends less than 10 per cent to fix the $775 million school maintenance budget, while school overcrowding worsens;
  10. Boosts her cabinet to 23 – including the creation of the faux ministerial post of Counter-Terrorism - to placate her factional masters;
  11. Breaks promise to move Powerhouse Museum to Western Sydney;
  12. Fails to stop Google from pulling out of Sydney’s answer to Silicon Valley – the Bays Precinct;
  13. Recommits to unpopular council mergers in Sydney;
  14. Fails to dump plans to privatise four regional hospitals.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Premier has a lot to answer for.

“Whichever way you look at it the first 100 days of the Berejiklian Government have been marred by a long list of failures and unpopular decisions.

“We are 100 days through Premier Berejiklian’s term and if the next two years are anything like this then people will have every right to air their grievances at the ballot box.”