Federal budget fails on fairness for NSW


Last night’s Federal Budget has seen the savage $25 billion worth of cuts to health and education in NSW foreshadowed last year solidified in the budget papers – leaving Tony Abbott’s promise to deliver fairness in tatters and NSW hospitals and schools facing funding shortfalls.

Tony Abbott had an opportunity to fix the mess he created last year with his first disastrous budget – instead the $25 billion of cuts to NSW health and education have been confirmed.

Mike Baird has had 12 months to persuade the Prime Minister to reverse the cuts. This Federal Budget confirms the Premier’s failure to get a fair deal for NSW hospitals and schools.

“Tony Abbott promised to deliver fairness, but with $25 billion worth of cuts to health and education there is no fairness for NSW,” Opposition leader Luke Foley said.

“Mike Baird has clearly failed to use his close friendship with the Prime Minister to reverse the savage cuts.

“These cuts will create a fiscal cliff which NSW will fall off. The Premier needs to outline how NSW will deal with the looming shortfall to ensure that the cuts don’t flow throw straight through to emergency department and classrooms.

“The reality of the $25 billion of cuts will be fewer hospital beds, longer waiting times for elective surgery and less money to replace ageing demountables with permanent classrooms.

Shadow Treasurer Michael Daley said the Federal Budget continued to short change NSW on infrastructure funding – with no money for public transport projects in Sydney like the rail connections needed for the new Badgerys Creek Airport.

“The Liberals said Tony Abbott’s first budget was a “kick in the guts” for the people of NSW – yet they did nothing to reverse the cruel cuts to NSW health and education.

“Despite this year confirming all those cuts plus a few more, all we hear today from the Premier and Treasurer is high praise for the Federal Government.

“It’s looking less and less likely that Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian have the ability to get any reprieve for NSW from their mates Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey.”