Families to be hit with 421 fee increases on 1 July


Despite low wages growth and rising cost of living pressures, the Baird Liberal Government is putting its hand in the pocket of every NSW resident – with at least 421 fees and charges set to rise on July 1, 2015, the NSW Opposition revealed today.

298 of the 421 fee increases are from Roads, Transport and Marine related services alone.

A typical commuter travelling from Quakers Hill to the CBD each day via the M2 and Lane Cove Tunnel will pay an additional $109.20 a year in tolls alone. When you add fee increases for a driver’s licence, car and trailer registration you will pay an additional $117.20 a year.

On top of everyday fees, towing from accidents will rise by $6 to $257 and the maximum ambulance call out fee will increase $136 to $5,851.

These fee increases come after the Government announced a taxpayer-funded legal appeal to stop families and businesses paying less for power, as determined by the independent Australian Energy Regulator.

“Despite some of the lowest wages growth in five years, the Baird Government has decided to increase more than 400 fees and charges for everyday government services,” said NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley.

“An extra $50 here or there might not be much for a former investment banker, but the average family budget is stretched to the limit and every dollar counts.”

“The Liberals like to talk about cost of living pressures, but all we see under this Government is costs climbing higher and higher.

“First Mike Baird launched a legal appeal against lower electricity prices for households and businesses – and now he is quietly raising more than 400 fees for families.

“This is nothing more than a cash grab. Every time you drive on the road, call an ambulance, or have a routine gas inspection, the Baird Government has a hand in your pocket.”

“Government coffers are overflowing with stamp duty revenue, yet everyday families are getting no reprieve from the ever increasing fees for government services.”

Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay said: “People in NSW already know what a huge dent in the household budget owning a car makes, and from 1 July that burden will increase.

“The Liberals are happy to see drivers pay even more just to get to and from work – often sitting in a bumper to bumper traffic.

“With this Government upping almost 300 fees for roads, transport and marine services, there’s no end to the cost blowout for every day travel in sight.”