Environment Minister Robyn Parker goes missing on Threatened Species Day


Environment Minister Robyn Parker has once again gone missing; taking no action yesterday to mark Threatened Species Day.

Threatened Species Day is marked annually on 7 September, the anniversary of the death in captivity of the last Tasmanian tiger in Hobart on that day in 1936.

"Threatened Species Day is one of the most important days on the calendar of any environment minister," said Shadow Minister for Environment Luke Foley.

"Any environment minister should use the day to highlight the plight of threatened plants and animals and to announce recovery plans. This is what environment ministers do.

"The conservation of our native plants and animals is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing New South Wales today.

"But once again, Robyn Parker has been derelict in her duty as Environment Minister. She has been in hiding since it was revealed that the O'Farrell Government took 54 hours to alert the people of Stockton of the leak of hexavalent chromium into their community from the Orica ammonia plant last month.

"The Labor Opposition further revealed last Friday that the toxic waste water from the Orica leak was transported to Homebush Bay, in the geographic heart of Sydney, and that Robyn Parker failed to alert the community to this.

"Robyn Parker is not up to the job of New South Wales Environment Minister.

"The Government has sent her into hiding.

"Robyn Parker is now a critically endangered species herself," said Mr Foley.