Elderly public housing residents frightened at looming eviction


About 100 elderly public housing residents in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks have voiced despair and outrage at a community meeting tonight over the O'Farrell Government's plans to boot them out of their homes as part of the Barangaroo urban reconstruction.

In October, Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce confirmed that 250 social housing properties were being earmarked for sale – but the community has since heard nothing.

Shadow Minister for Planning Luke Foley said: "Labor will fight against the sale of public housing at Barangaroo

"The O'Farrell Government is effectively putting a sign up over Barangaroo saying – if you're in public housing, we don't want you.

"The Barangaroo urban reconstruction was never meant to boot out public housing residents in a greedy grab for cash.

Shadow Minister for Housing Sophie Cotsis attended tonight's public meeting, joined by Labor councillor Linda Scott and CFMEU President Rita Mallia. Ms Cotsis confirmed Labor would fight any sale of public housing.

"Shame on Barry O'Farrell for devising a secret plan to boot public housing residents out of their homes," Ms Cotsis said

"The O'Farrell Government has treated this community like dirt - and the anger at tonight’s meeting was red hot.

"Residents are frightened about what will happen to them. It’s downright disgraceful for pensioners to be thrust into so much uncertainty.

"People are anxious – will they be relocated? Will they still have access to doctors and other medical support? What will happen to all the social networks they’ve built up?

"This is yet another decision from the O'Farrell Government putting the needs of the big end of town before local communities in NSW.

"Tonight, one resident after another stepped up to complain that the O'Farrell Government is failing to attend to basic maintenance like fixing guttering and broken windows.

"Linda Scott, Rita Mallia and I won't forget the stories we've heard tonight - Labor stands with the public housing residents of Millers Point and we call on the O'Farrell Government to immediately drop its plans to flog off their homes."